Hey dudes! Okay here’s what’s up.

I am making a documentary entitled Women Of The World. It is a documentary intending to showcase the opinions of women all over the world, including WOC, Trans-Women, and women from all different types of social classes, ages, sexuality, cultures, religious affiliations and political preferences. The premise is having 5 set questions, which all the women interviewed will answer, and hopefully it’ll show the difference in female opinion all around the world, as well as spark conversation. You can watch a short video of some rad ladies talking about the importance of this documentary by clicking this link.

I am currently hosting a fundraiser for the documentary which you can find here, in order to raise £8,200 by the 14th of April, in order to go around Europe to film the face-to-face interviews I’ve got lined up, set up a website intended for social media and video submissions, and fund the distribution of the film when it is finished. There is a budget break-down on the fundraiser page. I personally will be filming in Europe, but I’m also arranging a few teams to film within the African continent, Asia, and in the Middle East. This is a global feminine documentary, not limited to the western world!!

If you go to the page, and donate $5-$15, you will be entered into a raffle in which you can win a signed holographic DVD version of the documentary, 2 pots of La Riche Directions Hairdye (Carnation Pink & Violet), 3 Month Spotify Premium Subscription, A special Co-Producer credit in the documentaries titles, AND a special limited edition "Women Of The World" sticker+badge set. You have to donate $5-$15, but there are a lot of prizes to be won and you could have your very own credit on IMDB & The Documentary! Also, everyone who donates $2+ Will get a small thank you credit shown at end of the documentary.

I am absolutely desperate to get the funding needed, so if you would love to be apart of feminine history, as well as have a chance of winning some rad as hell prizes - reblog this post and donate!!!

Thank you for reading! x

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