I genuinely don’t understand why anyone would ever think they can monitor and critique others sex lives openly and publicly. I don’t understand why anyone would ever think that their opinions on what others do consensually and sexually even matters. I get so angry at the idea of living in a society where we have to monitor our everyday normal sexual thoughts because some ppl can’t deal with the fact that there is stuff going on that they can’t control.

I understand when people question the motives behind certain types of sexual behaviour - however not only is the idea of a sexually restrained society kinda fucking insane, but a lot of the “kink critical” bullshit you’ll see boring bloggers talk about this week is highly illogical and sexist.

Anyone I’ve seen speak about this subject gives off the idea that females don’t really know what they want sexually and that men are in full control of the sexual dynamics in any relationship and the only reason they’re choosing to be “kink critical” is because they believe that girls don’t know what they want basically and that no straight female actually wants to be a sub in sex it’s just what she THINKS she wants - FUCK OFF. I’m completely anti-people policing others lives, so if anyone would care to enlighten me on why there are so many idiots with this opinion plz do explain.

Hi tumblr. Been a few days since I last posted. My internet bill hasn’t been paid so it’s been cut off but I’m paying it by next Monday so nbd. Shit in my life is p good right now. It’s really hot in Manchester ATM and on Friday I get to go party w. my best friends. Been constantly thinking about bugs n sleep lately. I have a distinct lack of motivation for anything that isn’t sitting in the sun, but what can ya do. Also I’m going back to platinum blonde prolly™. It’s gonna b fun. Ok cool. Miss u tumblr. X